Cloud smart in Austria and CEE

We are your companion on the way to the cloud. With our cloud consulting and cloud migration services you become even more successful. With your processes in the cloud you will be maximum agile and efficient. Tomorrow and ever after.

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Into the cloud with ORBIT

We have been dealing with IT and IT change in companies for over three decades. Since then, we have continuously optimized our knowledge and the use of suitable technologies. Today we specialize in cloud solutions. In this digital transformation we see the greatest success for our clients. 

Customer first
Our customers are technology-driven companies or from the finance and insurance sectors. We support you on your way to the cloud - no matter where you are.

Specialized cloud provider

  • Focus on the cloud
  • Cloud only
  • Cloud first
  • Hybrid clouds

Experience with IT change projects

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • More than 160 successfully implemented system integration projects
  • Consulting experience in complex corporate structures
  • Know-how from 18 countries in the CEE region

Experienced employees and partners

  • Well-trained, reliable team of employees
  • IT experts with many years of cloud migration experience
  • selected cloud technology partners
  • certified consultants and technicians

The ORBIT mission

We are ORBIT. We are your IT partner if you like us, see change as an opportunity and clouds as a solution for greater efficiency, agility and innovation.

The ORBIT vision

By 2030, we will continue to expand our position as the leading cloud consultant in Austria and the CEE region. We encourage our customers to make innovative changes.

We find ambitious technological solutions for you.

Holistic IT change

  • From strategy to implementation
  • Cloud Maturity Assessment
  • IT consolidation
  • Virtual Workplace
  • Microsoft 365
  • IT security

Secure and successful despite rapid IT change

We are the "lighthouse" in the storm of IT changes and the cloud universe:

  • We create orientation.
  • We know the next important trends.
  • We point you in the right direction.
  • We truly care about our clients and want them to achieve great results.

Process oriented

  • 160+ methodology
  • Project Management
  • Prince2
  • Scrum

From people for people

  • Customer first: YOU are our top priority.
  • We always act at eye level with clients and employees.
  • Good cooperation is important to us.
  • This is how we earn the trust of the people we daily interact with.


Every company is as successful as its employees.

ORBIT can act as a strong IT partner because we are a team of outstanding personalities and excellent IT professionals. Each team scores points with its strengths. Together can we make the projects successful for our customers.

Lanna O´Reilly
Lanna O´Reilly, Country Manager ORBIT Austria
Lanna O´Reilly
Country Manager ORBIT Austria

At ORBIT innovation meets transformation. We drive the success of companies in the banking, insurance and service industry. Our IT consulting services are tailored to the needs of our customers.

We are experts in what we do, ORBIT Cloud Solutions Österreich
We are experts in what we do
ORBIT Cloud Solutions Österreich

Cloud smart: Together we pool the know-how you need for your successful Cloud Migration and Cloud Management. 

Balazs Vizi
Balazs Vizi, Lead Cloud Solutions Architect
Balazs Vizi
Lead Cloud Solutions Architect

I'm a techy guy who loves new technologies. With our team of experts we strive to understand our customers goals and implement clouds professionally. We always deliver tangible results. 

Florian Motlik
Florian Motlik, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect
Florian Motlik
Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud providers, especially AWS, have been the focus of my work for over 10 years. Combined with my passion for tools, automation and CI/CD, the cloud is how I bring value to clients and learn something new with every project.

Kamil Kovar
Kamil Kovar, Lead Azure Consultant
Kamil Kovar
Lead Azure Consultant

I am an IT consultant with strong infrastructure background having 25 years experience in different positions in financial, logistics and telco industries. I am a passionate project leader of activities covering optimization, automation, integration, and modernization related to cloud technologies.

Peter Marczis
Peter Gergely Marczis, Lead Cloud DevOps Architect
Peter Gergely Marczis
Lead Cloud DevOps Architect

My mission is to be your dedicated partner in the cloud journey, crafting personalized solutions that reflect your unique aspirations, and guiding you towards the realization of your digital ambitions.

Peter Marczis
Petros Georgiadis
Petros Georgiadis , Cloud Solutions Architect
Petros Georgiadis
Cloud Solutions Architect

The cloud can be described as a “software-defined datacenter”. All elements of our infrastructure can be managed in software. That is the modern way of Cloud management.

Petteri Leppikallio
Petteri Leppikallio, Lead Cloud Security Architect
Petteri Leppikallio
Lead Cloud Security Architect

Curiosity doesn't kill, rather it is the mandatory driving force to keep me educated and informed.  

Petteri Leppikallio
Robert Buchelt, Sales Director
Robert Buchelt
Sales Director

As a Sales Director, my mission is to empower our team to exceed targets, cultivate lasting client relationships, and drive sustainable growth through strategic innovation and relentless dedication.

Marlies Karger, Marketing Interim Manager
Marlies Karger
Marketing Interim Manager

Clouds are fascinating! And how they can run the business, much more. Bringing ORBIT's know-how to the public is not only a task, but a pleasure.

Tatjana Wimmer
Tatiana Wimmer, Marketing & Sales Executive
Tatiana Wimmer
Marketing & Sales Executive

Marketing is more than just selling products. It's about understanding what customers need and how to find the best solutions to their problems. In this fast-paced world, marketing offers many opportunities for great success and that's why I love this dynamic field.

Tatjana Wimmer

Successfully active in CEE for over 30 years

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Cloud technology and service partner

Experience counts in the IT business. We have been working with the times for over 30 years...
ORBIT.CZ founded in Prague
  • The foundation for a solid IT consulting company has been laid
  • Today we have over 60 employees in the group of companies
  • We are members of the Czech SUDOP group
Büro in Prag
Starting with cloud consulting services
  • Commissioning of the first cloud migration projects.
  • We have been successfully working in cloud consulting for over a decade.
Cloud Technology
Founding of Orbit Cloud Solution Austria
  • We have been intensifying our activities in Austria since July 1, 2022
  • We move into our office in the DC Tower - the tallest building in Vienna
  • Since then, support for well-known customers in Austria
ORBIT im DC tower
Start your individual journey with ORBIT.