Lifting your Cloud Journey to a higher Orbit

We are a team of cloud experts, who guide enterprise customers in their digital transformation journeys.   

All of our consultants have at least 10 years experience in delivering complex IT projects. They have in-depth knowledge of cloud technologies and of how to deliver value to businesses.

How ready is your company for the cloud?

As a digital resistant you are at the beginning...

Your company uses outdated technologies, your IT processes run on-premise with complex, cost-intensive infrastructure. They have no experience with the cloud or cloud technologies.

They are digital explorers and act as needed.

You realize that a digitally optimized business strategy helps you to act faster and more securely in the market. You have taken the first steps towards digitization. You are not yet pursuing a specific goal.

As a digital player, you pursue specific goals with the cloud.

Your business and IT goals are aligned and your business processes are well supported, some of them already in the cloud. You want to improve this hybrid system.

You actively engage in cloud management as a digital transformer.

You can comprehensively optimize your business processes with cloud management; efficiency and agility are important to you. You follow the Cloud First approach, but you are not yet exploiting the full potential of cloud solutions.

You are a digital disruptive and your business runs perfectly with the cloud.

You use the advantages of the cloud extensively and work consistently on optimizing your IT processes. This keeps you innovative, economical and allows you to easily meet governance requirements. To accelerate your growth, you also want to use multiclouds.

No matter what challenges you face:

Start and optimize your cloud journey now.

We meet you where you are with the cloud. We optimize your cloud infrastructure, implement new technologies and guide you step by step to success with the cloud.

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Do you already know exactly what your company needs to be successful?

The best solutions require the best partnerships

When it comes to cloud migration, we rely on selected providers. Depending on your initial situation, we recommend the right cloud partner for you.

Real use cases for your industry

Every project is as individual as the company that implements it. Find out from real examples how we can help your company to be successful. We are proud of our positive, long-term customer relationships.

Curious by nature, we find out exactly what you need for your IT

160+ methodology – the heart of our projects

160+ methodology is a performance-oriented system from ORBIT. It is based on thirty years of practice and experience from more than 160 IT system integration projects. It is the heart of all the projects we implement.

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