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Communication in IT change

With the “Gondolier” communication strategy, Generali increased acceptance in the IT change project thanks to ORBIT.

Initial situation at Generali

The Generali Group (today: Generali Česká pojišťovna) radically redesigned its IT infrastructure by 2016.

This included relocating the holding's data centers to Italy. The management, together with ORBIT, which was involved in the project, recognized the need to communicate this change to IT users in a targeted manner. This was particularly true for those for whom the project did not bring immediate added value.

The goal was therefore to develop a suitable communication strategy that would lead to better acceptance of the project. That was the starting signal for “Gondolier” communication.

„Thanks to systematic communication with ORBIT, the perception of the impacts of the ongoing project has improved. So does the image of the entire IT.“

Lukáš Molcar, Customer Relationship Management, Česká pojišťovna

Gondolier communication

...the Italian way of communication

Communicate in partnership between IT and users

The main pillar of the communication strategy developed for "Gondolier" was the company's contact points for internal communication:

  • website
  • intranet
  • Contest
  • Contact point
  • FAQs Forums

The "gondoliers" - similar to the guides in Venice - as direct employees of the IT migration projects, conveyed the essential information about this IT change in a playful way.

By using these communication channels, users were able to actively find out about the changes and receive immediate feedback.


  • Information about migration plans
  • Status of individual applications
  • FAQs

Involvement & acceptance of users
Through this active involvement, all employees who were more or less affected felt that their situation was taken into account and also took part in the competition.

In addition, in terms of “best practice”, it was found that this approach to communicating IT change projects works.

ORBIT managed to make Generali employees feel part of the team and increased acceptance of the project.

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