Volkswagen Financial Services

Volkswagen Financial Services: Data center migration

Planning and implementing a secure data center migration.

Data center migration for Volkswagen subsidiary

A data center migration must be well prepared and implemented quickly.

In 2020, the financing subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group (SkoFin) in the Czech Republic commissioned ORBIT to perform this task.

Every third car that leaves the factory is sold with SkoFin services. This includes various financing models including leasing, insurance, service packages and mobility guarantees. This involves corresponding contract documentation, i.e. a lot of data that must be stored securely and accessible.

Strict security requirements for financial service providers prompted the company to increase the security standards of its data center and ensure seamless operations.

„We chose ORBIT to implement the project because they have a lot of experience from comparable projects.“

Darvas Ondrej
Ondřej Darvaš, Head of IT Operations and Digitalization, VWFS

Increase security standards for SkoFin

  • Detailed analysis phase
  • Optimization of the IT environment with the integration of the VW Group in Germany
  • Decision to expand from two to three data centers
  • Migration involving Cisco network specialists NTT and ITS for a fully functional infrastructure
  • Coordination of project participants

... without restricting VW's ongoing day-to-day business with high availability of its IT systems.

Data center migration in numbers

0 Mon.
Virtual servers
Business applications
0 hours
Migration duration

Special project achievement from ORBIT

  • Analysis of disaster recovery solutions and detailed design of feasible DR tests
  • Complete documentation for all infrastructure and application systems and assign for the new primary data center
  • Mapping the connectivity (e.g. various connections to the dealer network,...) and design to ensure functionality after the migration of the DC
  • Mapping all application and system data flows
  • "Step-by-step" migration plan and implementation methods
  • Successful migration in collaboration with IT Operations & Digitalization, VWFS application specialists and suppliers
  • Follow up with VW in the form of regression tests, functional testing of the new data center immediately after the migration
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