Tatra Banka

Cloud Strategy and Cloud Roadmap

Preparation for the start of the cloud for Tatra Banka with cloud strategy and cloud roadmap.

Tatra Banka was the first Slovak bank in Slovakia and is now one of the most important banks there. It is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen International and has around one million customers.

Where is the (cloud) journey going at Tatra Banka?

The decision to migrate to the cloud requires an analysis of the initial situation, the selection of the right approach and partner, and the time frame. This was successfully achieved in 2022 thanks to the ORBIT Cloud strategy and roadmap.

In over 30 years of existence, Tatra Bank has developed into a leading banking institution in Central Europe.

In 2019, it received the award for the most innovative digital private customer bank of 2019 from Global Finance Magazine. At that time, it was already intensively involved in the increased use of cloud services.

Your goal as a subsidiary of the Austrian RBI Group: for faster delivery to your customers, the use of innovative technologies and the increase and support of the agility of the entire bank, the goals and feasibility of a migration to the cloud should be defined.

Cloud Advisory for Tatra Banka

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Project phases

  1. Assessment and review of possible bottlenecks
    Assessing the cloud maturity of teams and processes
    Suitability of the application portfolio for the cloud
    current use of cloud technologies
  2. Selection and preparation of the areas to be migrated (Cloud Focus Areas)
  3. Final determination of the cloud strategy and cloud road map for Tatra Banka

ORBIT services and results

  • Creation of a cloud strategy and cloud roadmap based on our many years of experience
  • Setting Tatra Banka specific goals, rules and tasks for the cloud that can also be implemented in reality.
  • Creation of a cloud journey framework
  • Detailed guidance on how to implement the strategy over the following three years, including exact requirements and costs for implementation

„ORBIT gave us a comprehensive look at the possibilities in the cloud based on their experience with other companies. This allowed us to start the cloud journey quickly and address issues efficiently. Today our cloud is an innovative platform for our users“

Ivana Fabianová, Head of IT Application support, Tatra banka


Tatra banka and its IT team are thus prepared for future challenges related to the use of cloud technologies in all

  • technical
  • process relevant
  • organizational
  • safety-related and
  • prepared for legal aspects.

The framework for action resulting from the strategy is actively applied to all planned cloud projects.

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