Webinar: GitOps practises in AWS

Webinar on GitOps practices in AWS with Cloud Solutions Architect Petros Georgiadis

GitOps Webinar Petros Georgiadis

GitOps Webinar: Practises in AWS 

In his newest webinar Cloud Solutions Architect Petros Georgiadis talks about current GitOps practices in AWS

GitOps is an operational approach to declarative infrastructure management that uses Git as a single source of truth. 

Petros shares his expert knowledge and gives helpful insights in how to make the most out of GitOps. 

"Work smart and not hard" is his every day directive. He provides you with:


  • Introduction to DevOps / GitOps practises
  • Advantages of using GitOps 
  • GitOps in the AWS environment 
  • Infrastructure as a Code 
  • deployment strategies and 
  • architecture DEMOS

Cloud Architect - Petros Georgiadis

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